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  1. PsihoKekec

    Thus Buzzes the Babylon Bee

    Archeologists Uncover Target Store Ruins From Sodom And Gomorrah
  2. PsihoKekec

    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Nuke for Trinity test is assembled in Los Alamos and something goes horribly wrong, killing many key personnel and destroying much crucial equipment, but also shaking American trust in stability of nuclear weapons. Thus the final stage of nuclear weapons program is being rebuilt, with efforts to...
  3. PsihoKekec

    Balkan Region News Thread/ Balkanski Vestnik

    Funny thing, Serbia and Kosovo were negotiating the exchange of Northern Kosovo (Serbian majority area) for Preševo and Podujevo valleys (Albanian majority area). State Department put a hard stop to that, people in Balkans are not allowed to solve their problems via compromise, hate must...
  4. PsihoKekec

    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    Do they also get a delivery mechanism? Because in 1945 they kind of lacked heavy bombers.
  5. PsihoKekec

    Help with a PC build

    Great and Excellent options are built around AMD chipset, you can use that as the springboard.
  6. PsihoKekec

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    Morris dancing, a phenomena that occurs when Englishmen overdose on tea and crumpets.
  7. PsihoKekec

    Forum Games: Guess the Location

    I remember the days of yore when forums were full of such threads, but internet search options kind of ruined most options. Let us try location search then. The rules: One guess at a time, if your first guess is wrong you will have to wait for another member to make a guess before you can...
  8. PsihoKekec

    Help with a PC build

    Logical Increments PC Buying Guide This is a good tool for budgeting your purchase.
  9. PsihoKekec

    Politicians and Government Cringe Thread

    Morbid obeseness is healthy, because we say so!
  10. PsihoKekec

    Middle East News Thread

    You implied USA actions discouraged Erdogan from going after Kurds, which is false.
  11. PsihoKekec

    Middle East News Thread

    Yeah, he saw that and he told USA to get the fuck out of the area where he will bomb Kurds and not to come back until he is done. USA obeyed him.
  12. PsihoKekec

    Alternate History Vivat Stilicho!

    With Hashim's passing, we know next to nothing about his heir Hassan, will he make his own waves or is he a son destined to be fully overshadowed by his father? Way to jinx it I have a slight feeling that this division of China will last for at least few generations.
  13. PsihoKekec

    Middle East News Thread

    That's why he gave the US forces advance notice to move out of the area, the last time he went clobbering the Kurds and they were allowed to go back once he was done.
  14. PsihoKekec

    Warbirds Thread

    Ukrainians never used them, so they don't have trained pilots and maintenance crews.
  15. PsihoKekec

    Versus Match Papal Guard vs Wagner who would win

    Veterans tend to win over green troops. Also, both SIG 550 and AK-74 are magazine fed rifles, they don't use clips.
  16. PsihoKekec

    Middle East News Thread

    So there is going to be some cross border raids on both sides, fun times.