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  1. Aldarion

    AI/Automation Megathread

    I turns out to be smarter than humans at Amazon:
  2. Aldarion

    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    State has. They will do just as they do in Croatia, use taxpayer money to prop up leftist agitprop.
  3. Aldarion

    Tanks and other Armoured Vehicles Image thread.

    Aren't there some with IR tracking or I'm just gettting confused?
  4. Aldarion

    Tanks and other Armoured Vehicles Image thread.

    That only works if SPAAG is using radar itself, which is not necessarily the case. That sounds like camouflage netting would easily defeat it...
  5. Aldarion

    Free Games General

    There is/was? also Fallout Online. An excellent game, but what stood out the most to me was just how much money you could make by shoveling cow dung.
  6. Aldarion

    Horror Games & Gaming

    Probably one of the more horrifying horror games I had played... compared to this, Doom and FEAR never felt like horror:
  7. Aldarion

    Tanks and other Armoured Vehicles Image thread.

    For a drone killer, you want to have as few systems onboard as possible. In short, you want a missile, not a drone. Or else a reusable drone - maybe something carrying autocannon.
  8. Aldarion

    Tanks and other Armoured Vehicles Image thread.

    Yep. MOAR DAKKA is likely going to be the optimal answer to drones, as well as drone-mounted weaponry.
  9. Aldarion

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    That is literally what Romans (and Byzantines) had. Worked pretty well sometimes, but also bit them in the arse quite frequently as well (Battle of Mursa, post-Manzikert civil war...).
  10. Aldarion

    Religion Christian Society Grooming (or Lack Thereof)

    The "refugees" are in fact taking bread from me and my children, they are in fact a clear physical danger seeing how diverse societies are always violent screwups. Accepting immigrants - the real refugees would have intention to return back where they came from as soon as possible - does mean...
  11. Aldarion

    Antifa, Just an Idea

    Tito actually fought in Spain. At the very least he was seen there: https://vojnapovijest.vecernji.hr/vojna-povijest/tito-sef-likvidatora-u-ratu-u-spanjolskoj-907788 https://www.vecernji.hr/vijesti/tito-se-borio-u-spanjolskoj-842181...
  12. Aldarion

    Antifa, Just an Idea

    ANTIFA are literally communists. Ancaps are fundamental antithesis to them, because while ANTIFA wants big daddy government to control everything, ancaps believe that government shouldn't even exist. When Josip Broz Tito went to Spain, he and the rest of the COMINTERN agents were ordered to...
  13. Aldarion

    Your personal political evolution

    To quote myself from Reddit: I used to be a lot of things as my understanding of politics evolved. First I was a mild conservative - basically your average HDZ voter, or equivalent of a Republican voter in the US. But then I noticed some things I did not like: for example, how conservatives...
  14. Aldarion

    Armchair General's DonbAss Derailed Discussion Thread (Topics Include History, Traps, and the Ongoing Slavic Civil War plus much much more)

    Problem is, they haven't had something worth believing in for nearly a century now... except Russia itself of course, as Hitler learned - had he made his invasion a war against Communism as opposed to a war against Russia, he would have won.
  15. Aldarion

    I want to get a gaming PC but I know nothing about them, advice thread

  16. Aldarion

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Politics Thread Mk. 2

    Yeah, but on the flip side, US also has a lot more shit than... well, anybody really. Some European countries that are a fraction of the US size have objectively donated more than the US. US have been dragging their feet the whole way. I'm suspecting US originally wanted to see Europe donate...
  17. Aldarion

    Soviet plans for offensive war in 1941

    So what do you think, was Suvorov right and was Stalin planning to attack Hitler in 1941.? Because I know Soviet Union had planned aggressive expansion after 1917. revolution which was beaten back in Poland, Finland and Baltic countries, so it seems logical that they wouldn't give up such plans...
  18. Aldarion

    Religion Christian Society Grooming (or Lack Thereof)

    Good thing I'm not a Catholic. And again, none of that necessitates supporting mass immigration...
  19. Aldarion

    Education and media thread

    Leftists are up in the arms over right-wing making half a step into campuses: