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  1. S'task

    Trump to potentially be arrested Tuesday

    https://townhall.com/tipsheet/spencerbrown/2023/03/21/grand-jury-to-hear-testimony-next-week-delaying-potential-trump-indictment-n2620947 Per reporting it seems that the indictment, if it's coming, has been put off for further witness testimony.
  2. S'task

    PM 'Quota'?

    We do place a limit on the number of people in a single PM. That said, are we talking about a single PM or how many PMs total you have?
  3. S'task

    Star Wars The Mandalorian

    . . . Finally got to watch the episode and... The entire thing was bullshit. Well, ok, the pre-title screen part was fun, just some good ol' fashioned Star Wars dogfighting and the ending part was also, well, it went exactly as expected from the set up. Looks like Bo is now officially a...
  4. S'task

    Antifa, Just an Idea

    Speaking of our "favorite" domtestic terrorist group: https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2023/03/14/breaking-antifa-attacks-charlie-kirks-uc-davis-speech-n716456
  5. S'task

    Five minutes of hate news

    I'm convinced the early 20th century Progressive movement was possibly the second most toxic political movement in American history for all the long term crap it ended up engendering like these kinds of Eugenics programs. (The obvious first most toxic political movement in American history was...
  6. S'task

    High School, College and University Cringe MegaThread

    I'm also in my late 30s (40 this year... -.-!) and I did, but then I was homeschooled. I expect a large part of why I became a professional tech editor was this kind of thing, it taught grammar and sentence structure in a way that otherwise you wouldn't see and work with them. That said, you...
  7. S'task

    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    Except we know that Klingons will change their views and attitudes as they age, and it wasn't a few more years, it was decades. IE we know that some very hardline Klingons changed their views on the Federation in their adulthood enough to consider a member of the Federation a close personal...
  8. S'task

    Star Wars The Mandalorian

    You could clearly see it in her body language she didn't know about the drop. She was very clearly watching him, slightly bemused but being quietly respectful as he went in and when he just went *plonk* down her face clearly changed to surprised panic. She clearly expected him to walk out...
  9. S'task

    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    hahahaha hehehehe "Klingon Sense of Honor" Yeah, that's not a thing, despite all their big talk. The Klingons consistently showed they'd set honor aside to get advantage over each other, stab each other in the back, and even work with outside powers to pursue their own ends (I mean, the...
  10. S'task

    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    Yeah... no, and once again your utter ignorance of the actual history of Eugenics and Star Trek is showing. Firstly, bear in mind when the original issues with the "genetically superior supermen" was written and who it was written by: World War 2 veterans. To them transhumanism and eugenics...
  11. S'task

    Breaking News January 6th Stop the Steal Rally & Capitol Breaching/Storming

    These are Federal charges in Federal courts, the "local electorate" has absolutely jack shit to do with their careers. The jury pool is an issue, I'll grant, but mistrial for withholding evidence doesn't require a jury verdict, only a judge's decision. If the Republicans had balls, any judge...
  12. S'task

    #MeToo and Cancel Culture: Friday is bring your own torches and pitchforks day!

    The Virginia Indian Wars were not, as most people probably think, Settlers vs Indians. Most of them started because one Indian tribe attacked another Indian tribe who happened to be allied to the English, so when said tribe called up its allies it included the English colonists, and the English...
  13. S'task

    Star Trek The General Star Trek Thread - From TOS to Corporate Schenanigans

    Intolerance for genetic engineering goes back to TOS and "Space Seed", but the ridiculous punishments does go to Berman Trek and DS9.
  14. S'task

    Military US Military Is Scared Americans Won't Fight For Globalism

    . . . Camp Lejeune is a Marine Corps Base... one of the Big Three along with Pendleton and Quantico. Though that does kinda help your point. If the Army is getting the blame for things that are the fault of the Corps... That said, I know from personal experience that there were serious mold...
  15. S'task

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion

    I warned everyone I was watching and that the derails and degradation of morals with personal vendetta would not be allowed to continue. As such, @Agent23 and @Captain X are taking a nice two week vacation from the thread. I trust this proves my point and the rest of you can continue to have a...
  16. S'task

    History Christian festivities and their originality

    Repeating bullshit doesn't make it true. That it happens at the time of year is purely coincidental. Had Passover happened at some other point in the year, Easter would be then. Fundamentally neither holiday is linked to the Equinox and constantly repeating that they are doesn't make it so.
  17. S'task

    History Christian festivities and their originality

    . . . Firstly, two of those four are really not common celebrated. Secondly, Easter? Seriously? Nobody except really crazy folks even begin to contest the date of Easter being of purely Christian origin. The date of Easter was, as anyone with a BASIC knowledge of Christianity knows, the day...
  18. S'task

    Star Wars Star Wars Discussion Thread - LET THE PAST D-! Oh, wait, nevermind

    Going by the EU it wasn't per se the Jedi were wrong, it's that Odan-Urr was an alien for whom he didn't actually understand emotions present in other species, as his species was noted explicitly for having lessened emotions and high level telepathy. He's the one who put together the Jedi Code...
  19. S'task

    History Christian festivities and their originality

    No, what my sources point out that while yes Sol Invitus was mentioned in 274 AD, at the same time: "But there is no record of this festival being held on December 25th. "The traditional feast days of Sol, as recorded in the early imperial fasti, were August 8th and/or August 9th, possibly...
  20. S'task

    History Christian festivities and their originality

    Nope. There's a lot around to debunk this. Here's a lengthy one that also goes into the Mythras claimed about Christmas but also covers the Sol Invictus stuff as well. TLDR: Sol Invictus appears to have originated LATER than Christians celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25th. Christian...