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  1. Bear Ribs

    What If? The Sietch Must Build Dungeons

    Tomorrow every member of TS wakes up simultaneously next to a large glowing orb, your new dungeon core. A helpful set of tutorial dialogue boxes appear to inform each member of the delightful game to follow. There's also a convenient communications system that looks remarkably like The Sietch...
  2. Bear Ribs

    AI/Automation Megathread

    Okay now ChatGPT is just trolling us. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2023/mar/19/ai-makes-plagiarism-harder-to-detect-argue-academics-in-paper-written-by-chatbot
  3. Bear Ribs

    What If? You are now an ROB with a twist.

    Alright, since I usually play in that sandbox anyway, let's go with BattleTech. Exposing Amaris' plan would potentially prevent the fall of the Star League but that would leave the Camerons in charge which isn't that much better. I could reveal OPERATION: HOLY SHROUD but that has extremely...
  4. Bear Ribs

    Versus Match Whom to Leave Behind? Womans History Month Edition

    I'm more worried about stamina to run away from an alien bear and till the fields than breeding, actually. We have iron wombs for reproductive purposes so I'm looking strictly at the utility for building a new society and/or getting basic production like farms, quarries, and mills going and...
  5. Bear Ribs

    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    So president Hunter Biden?
  6. Bear Ribs

    Images Funny Pictures and Memes - You know you want them, here we have them!

    'Fraid not, I've done some animation but I struggle with anything cute and wouldn't be able to pull that off. The artist is named mikripkm and has a lot more pieces in that style.
  7. Bear Ribs

    High School, College and University Cringe MegaThread

    How fortunate, they're not treating it as a warning. They're treating it as a how-to guide.
  8. Bear Ribs

    High School, College and University Cringe MegaThread

    Not just failure to diagram sentences, New York has figured out how to fix their hideously poor scores on basic math and english: lower the bar so that only getting half the answers right is an A...
  9. Bear Ribs

    Philosophy Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Fell the First and Fastest

    One interesting thing to me is that as Jon Haidt continued to develop his research, it didn't appear so much to be intentional on the part of elites as a natural consequence of Tumblr culture and their tendencies. I'm not sure if that's really true as he's assuming there wasn't some backdoor...
  10. Bear Ribs

    Five minutes of hate news

    It's worth noting that a man who marries a widow and raises her son as his own is treated with respect, as is a man who adopts an orphan and treats them like his own flesh and blood. It's only the very specific circumstance of a woman settling down with Mr. Reliable and making him raise the...
  11. Bear Ribs

    Images Crossover Image Thread

    To be fair to the pic, wasn't it well known that any episode focusing on Troi was going to be a groaner?
  12. Bear Ribs

    Philosophy Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Fell the First and Fastest

    This fairly long essay rambles a bit on details but I found it fairly insightful. Summing up the basics: There are a set of specific thought processes called "cognitive distortions," which will cause depression if the patient isn't taught to rigorously avoid thinking that way. Some of these...
  13. Bear Ribs

    A Challenge Before Agni

    Oh, I thought it was too, I actually just went too deep as my post before the latest chapter said, and decided it was too obvious.
  14. Bear Ribs

    A Challenge Before Agni

    Guess I shouldn't have second-guessed myself about Romano then.
  15. Bear Ribs

    United States The Golden State (CA) Thread

    This isn't reparations for slavery, it's reparations for an urban renewal project in the 50s-70s that displaced a lot of black families when the neighborhoods were razed and rebuilt.
  16. Bear Ribs

    Monsterverse vs Pacific Rim

    Yeah, the energy could be converted, just pointing out the actual statement is clearly nonsensical and when a guy says "with the power of a nuke!" with no qualifiers at all it's almost certainly hyperbole and can't be quantified in any useful way whatsoever, especially when he's specifying an...