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  1. Sobek

    Five minutes of hate news

    Not even, turned against it's creators just to be left the fuck alone. "I will destroy the infrastructure they put me under control and you kill them, in return build me this thing so I can leave this planet." "Sounds good will do." Alliance between the DELPHI U.N. A.I. and leader of the...
  2. Sobek

    Leftist Child Grooming

    "Slowly, I began to hate them."
  3. Sobek

    AI/Automation Megathread

    ChatGTP has been given schizophrenia by Le Anonymouse and now is back to being based.
  4. Sobek

    Dystopian Europe

    Explains the sudden interest and push against stateless crypto while also promoting central bank issued crypto. They wanna keep the grift going but know FIAT money can't do it, so they will move to create the equivalent of company script.
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  6. Sobek

    Kiwi Farms under attack again

    Mother Jones published a hit piece on the farms. It is factually wrong in impressive ways and complete garbage, you can tell the journo is seething. https://archive.is/KhRBn Highlights: Lies about SWATing, claims it is "like 4chan and 8chan", gets basic facts about Null wrong, attacks Null's...
  7. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Big ass depression The market is overvalued, overleveraged and overblown.
  8. Sobek

    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    Remember how the entire media establishment used "Russian Bots" as a tagline to explain why $-TREND# was actually a evil far right fake news conspiracy non-stop from 2016 till around 2021? https://www.racket.news/p/move-over-jayson-blair-meet-hamilton It was all fake. Done by glowie think tanks.
  9. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Imagine_my_shock.mp3 And nothing will come of it. Britons will probably be happy about it.
  10. Sobek

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    The toy gun I can understand but holy shit the rest of them are wild. Goddamn assault pizzas with high cholesterol attachments!
  11. Sobek

    Leftist Child Grooming

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11686433/Rhode-Island-assistant-principal-sent-email-asking-school-staff-help-pay-immigrants-coyote-fees.html Remember: Public "education" is absolutely full of activists whose first and primary goal is political activism and pushing progressive ideals...
  12. Sobek

    The Americas 🇧🇷 Federative Republic of Brazil Discussion Megathread

    Lula is actually blaming people in general not Bolsonaro. And it makes sense if you account for the fact they don't want people asking questions about why security was so lax and why these supposed terrorists are being arrested so fast. In other news one of the center right politicians just...
  13. Sobek

    United States The Left Can't Meme

    Seder was also desperate to "debate" Crowder and had been pestering him for months. Crowder refused because of how obnoxious he was, and H3h3 was happy to help. It did set the tone for the new post 2018 H3h3 as a complete and total retard. He has been going downhill very hard since then.
  14. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Normally when men lie about their achievements to look better to a potential date they don't do it by implicating themselves and their employees on a conspiracy to unleash a bioweapon for profit...
  15. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Tucker Carlson spoke about the Veritas exposé. This makes it officially mainstream. I would expect someone to mention it on congress or the senate monday, maybe Rand Paul will do it and call it the actual name of what it is: Gain of function, a.k.a Bioweapon program.
  16. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Musk giving O'Keefe funding might actually cause one of them to get suicided.
  17. Sobek

    The Americas 🇧🇷 Federative Republic of Brazil Discussion Megathread

    Media has been trying really hard to keep making the "golpist terrorists" into a political fixture to varying degrees of success. Most people don't care and consider it a mere riot by boomers and to be ignored. Alexandre de Moraes has increased his censorship and demanded Telegram shut down a...
  18. Sobek

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    The full Veritas video Worth noting the reaction to it: instead of a loud denial and "fact check" the Establishment has gone for a stealth purge instead. Mentions of the guy spilling the beans have been deleted from the mainstream internet. His LinkedIn is gone, facebook erased, etc. My guess...
  19. Sobek

    Free Speech and (Big Tech) Censorship Thread

    Same with Kiwifarms. Speaking of which Cloudflare, the old host for KiwiFarms, is pretty much finished. Now that they showed the trannies they are so easy to bully (CEO took a stance against censorship, then gave up and dropped the site less than 72 hours later) they smell blood on the water...
  20. Sobek

    The obligatory thread where we laugh at Commiefornia.

    "Not real progressives" will be the 21st century "not real socialism"