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  1. ProfessorCurio

    United States Chemical Safety Board (USCSB) Thread

    1.Does this somehow magically refute and/or nullify any point and/or claim that I have presented? 2. Two wrongs do not make a right and it is best to avoid gravitating towards any regulatory extremes on some flimsy emotional, dogmatic, and/or ideological basis. 3. At what point have I presented...
  2. ProfessorCurio

    United States Chemical Safety Board (USCSB) Thread

    To be fair some regulations while necessary to ensure safety are not properly reviewed and as a result can be flawed. I know of one particular case in which a worker was operating over water with a harness and due to the required set up in the event of the crane collapsing would have been...
  3. ProfessorCurio

    Science Science Cringe Megathread

    They are using the fact that it is not exclusively sexually transmitted to claim it is not an STD and falsely imply that sexual transmission is not actually a significant factor. Skin to skin contact can spread it, however sex is more reliable and effective than most if not all other forms of...
  4. ProfessorCurio

    EU France is on fire. Again.

    The guillotine is fast and more consistent than hanging though the cleanup costs can be annoying if you don't have something setup for the blood to drain into. For disposing of enemies in mass a large chamber with a entry slide, airtight set of locking doors, and some hooked up nitrogen...
  5. ProfessorCurio

    The Abortion Thread (Political)

    Part of it is that dumb stigma against masturbation, virginity, and anyone that dares to protest against said stigma. Remove said stigma and somehow actually properly encourage the opposite approach for minors and things will go much smoother. A lot of that opposition would disappear with a...
  6. ProfessorCurio

    The Abortion Thread (Political)

    Stupidity and impulsiveness always triumph over common sense and especially so when emotions and hormones are playing such a significant part.
  7. ProfessorCurio

    The Abortion Thread (Political)

    There is a difference between peaceful reform and kindness in the face of adversity and simply refusing to defend yourself from imminent violence as appropriate. All too often revolts have ended with the oppressed becoming the oppressors in some capacity or adopting some extreme inversion of...
  8. ProfessorCurio

    Republicans, Race, and the "Great Replacement"

    Multi-ethnic does not mean omni-ethnic, however unfortunate that is.
  9. ProfessorCurio

    On Ship of Theseus

    The personality may evolve and new memories may be gained, however there is a smoothness to this transition and it is built in the very realm of the mind on the foundation of all previous elements. Is the mind not the sum of its parts all of which run together and yet on their own times and...
  10. ProfessorCurio

    On Ship of Theseus

    Should only some external perspectives matter or should there in terms of what an object experiences also be in whatever ways are relevant an internal perspective of continuity? Does only a perfect or near perfect copy need to percieve continuity or does the original need to? And is continuity...
  11. ProfessorCurio

    Things get worse in The Southwest

    But for how long?
  12. ProfessorCurio

    Why News Used to Have Less Bias - Bias in Media

    The first voice common has greatest impact unfortunately. I shall explore means of countering this and may start a thread or series for that purpose.
  13. ProfessorCurio

    The Abortion Thread (Political)

    I have posted this elsewhere before: " I'd say abortions should only be allowed either to save the mother or before the unborn is viable without the need for life support upon birth as in the ability to undergo and survive premature birth without the use of life support. And yes sadly a lot of...
  14. ProfessorCurio

    Suggestions Suggestion : a The Sietch Telegram Group

    For those that do not already know Telegram is a secure communications application that can be used on a variety of platforms and provides free versatile text and has phone number connection and voice over internet capabilities. The best part is that it keeps your data secure and anonymous. The...
  15. ProfessorCurio

    Critical Race Theory In Schools

    Indeed, and if anything the reasonable course of action is to go in reverse and try our best to back out of the already present Orwellian madness.
  16. ProfessorCurio

    Critical Race Theory In Schools

    Does anyone have any more palatable solutions or compromises? Does this matter deserve a separate thread? Would a separate thread actually be productive and have as active a conversation? I suggest that institutions ought to by legal obligation be structured so that no institutions which...
  17. ProfessorCurio

    United States Biden's Ministry of Truth, discussion.

    Apparently the Biden administration has created the Disinformation Governing Board to determine what is true or false and Nina Jankowicz is leading it. https://www.thenation.com/article/politics/meet-the-head-of-bidens-new-disinformation-governing-board/tnamp/...
  18. ProfessorCurio

    French elections and politics thread.

    To be fair the French do seem to be sufficiently bad at handling elections and politics that a fallback to such normally undesirable traditions may seem warranted even if it is not.
  19. ProfessorCurio

    Business & Finance Economic Fallout: Pandemic, Brandon, Money Printer Go Brr, Ukraine.

    So you can't be both a republic and an empire? Or are going back to the more exclusive definitions?: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empire
  20. ProfessorCurio

    Business & Finance Economic Fallout: Pandemic, Brandon, Money Printer Go Brr, Ukraine.

    Why do you think I mentioned planting away from forests and dry fields? I was acknowledging the flammability while giving some examples of how placement matters and the flammability risks can be mitigated. Little things like keeping them isolated from areas dense in flammable plant life, not...