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  1. Bassoe

    Nord Stream 1 and 2 Attacked

  2. Bassoe

    EU Dutch Farmers Protest Megathread

    Nothing to see here, just the second largest food distribution centre in the world on fire in France right now, to go with the rest of the coincidences, move along now and don’t conspiracy theorize...
  3. Bassoe

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion

    Especially since even if proof was found, the media wouldn't cover the story.
  4. Bassoe

    What If? Nuclear Armageddon what do you do?

  5. Bassoe

    Three assassination hypotheticals for you

    Depends on exactly who ends up running Fascist Russia and just how batshit they are.
  6. Bassoe

    Nord Stream 1 and 2 Attacked

    The US Sixth Fleet had joint NATO exercises with BALTOPS22 in June near Bornholm where the leaks are, which would have been perfect for planting devices to destroy/damage the Pipelines.
  7. Bassoe

    Russia(gate/bot) Russia-Ukraine War Political Discussion

    -a russian man carries out self-defense against a government-sponsored slaver
  8. Bassoe

    Artwork Bassoe's Clay Sculptures
    Threadmarks Siren

    The first and to my knowledge, only piece of fanart for Nicholas Sansbury Smith's Hell Divers series, a clay sculpture of a Siren. I tried to get all the details as accurate to the books as possible: Vaguely humanoid anatomy, but quadrupedal with the forelimbs and hindlimbs being of equivalent...
  9. Bassoe

    Alternate History Ideas and Discussion

    On a relate note, what if the Big Lie was true and Trump genuinely was a Russian agent? Never mind the implausibility of Russia getting a spy into the presidency, what would they do with one if they pulled it off?
  10. Bassoe

    EU Dutch Farmers Protest Megathread

  11. Bassoe

    News of the Amused

  12. Bassoe

    Welcome to the ROB's shop of small items.

    The Ruby Sunstone from Dinotopia? Yeah, it's a corruptible, potentially sentient artifact of ancient evil which already destroyed one precursor civilization, but considering just how it corrupts people*, I doubt anyone would notice a difference in my personality and motivations except that...
  13. Bassoe

    What If? Equipping the Global Defense Initiative Military

    The Civilizational Defense Fund. An international effort to address the greatest threats facing human civilization, peak resources, resource-monopolization and fighting over resources. To do so, we'll acquire than flood the market with resources, explicitly apolitically. We don't care about...
  14. Bassoe

    News of the Amused

    The whole point of those machines is to automate your employment out of existence. From a moral if not legal perspective, you're fully entitled to go full Horizon Zero Dawn on it.
  15. Bassoe

    News of the Amused

    Nah, just legalize hunting them for whatever they're carrying and let the free market handle it.
  16. Bassoe

    AI/Automation Megathread

    Hey, I’ve seen this before somewhere…
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