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  1. King Arts

    Salmon Rushidie got stabbed

    So the guy who wrote the satanic verses got stabbed. How did they manage to get him after all this time. And if Muslim intelligence agencies are STILL going after him for stuff from 30 years ago. Why did they go at him with a knife instead of a sniper or something, I know New York is anti gun...
  2. King Arts

    What If? What if Earth is Annexed into the Abh Empire?

    So basically, this. We take the place of a place of a hapless planet. One day, the Abh empire finds us. And takes over. The Abh empire's demands are simple. 1. No ftl allowed. Only the Abh are allowed to lease ftl ships. 2. No stopping the recruiting for the Star Force (Basically the...
  3. King Arts

    So apparently some Army bases are getting renamed

    I know @Bacle and @Zachowon fought over this dozens of times. What do the rest of you thing? Generally I'm against renaming things, and just sticking with tradition it seems like it might trip up soldiers who are used to the old name, and it's a very cheap move. If they wanted to send a message...
  4. King Arts

    What If? Battlestar Galactica meets the Galactic Empire

    The refugee fleet jumps into a system and witnesses a battle between the Galactic Empire and Free Planets Alliance in the Astarte system. What would happens next after they watch the fight and contact the sides. Edit: Earlier I saw a battlestar Galactica what if here, I decided to do a few...
  5. King Arts

    What If? How much are you willing to give up for power?

    So just to head off any shady arguments no this is not a deal from the devil, and you are not selling your soul for power. If starting tomorrow angels came down to earth and offered to bless any human who is willing to take certain vows in exchange for the power to perform miracles of healing...
  6. King Arts

    What If? Celestial Being in the real world

    Not sure if this should be in another thread since it deals with real life politics but what the hell. What would be the world wide reaction if starting tomorrow actual Gundams showed up and did an intervention in Ukraine against Russia to stop the war going on. And celestial being takes...
  7. King Arts

    Battletech Battletech Morality ranking!

    So I don't know too much about Battletech except the absolute basics of the Inner Sphere nations. But I'm curious let's say you are reincarnated into the Battletech world and you get too choose which nation in the Inner sphere you would be born into, you would be minor nobility your family only...
  8. King Arts

    Mass Effect Morality thread

    So since I just finished the game. I'm curious for everyone else, which color is your favorite red, blue, or green?
  9. King Arts

    Christians and evangelicals of the sietch are Jews still gods chosen people?

    So I made this thread avoid derailing another thread.
  10. King Arts

    What If? Dungeons from Magi appear in the world

    Dungeons are tall skyscrapers which are actually gateway to another world containing puzzles to be solved, monsters to be killed, treasures to be claimed, and Djinns to be 'conquered'. https://magi.fandom.com/wiki/Dungeons Djinns are rulers of the Dungeon. they grant great power to a person...
  11. King Arts

    What If? You are King of Space Belgium

    In this scenario there seems to be few dozen worlds that claim to be origin of humanity. There was a Galactic war where 300 trillions have died on both sides and to avoid a future devastating war want to create a buffer state among one of the two great power sides. Two great powers on both sides...
  12. King Arts

    Would Segregation have been wrong if it really was separate but equal?

    So yeah, if blacks and whites literally had the same number and quality of public accommodations would racial segregation have been wrong? Also we can expand this beyond race, to religion, sex, politics, hair color whatever. Would government enforced separate accommodations for all of these be...
  13. King Arts

    What If? 10 plagues of Egypt hit Nazi Germany

    What would the reaction be if right after the night of broken glass a man goes up to the steps of the Reichstag and yells for Germany to stop oppressing his people the Hebrews strikes his staff on the ground then disappears. Then the first plague hits, after each plague there will be a one week...
  14. King Arts

    DC Injustice Superman did nothing wrong

    In honor of the new show made about a video game that is based off comic books. Let's have a morality debate! In the setting of Injustice where Joker nukes Metropolis and causes the death of Superman's wife and unborn child then Superman killed the Joker and established a dictatorship to deal...
  15. King Arts

    Use of Elohim in the Bible (and in Fantasy Versus!)

    It depends divine powers usually don't intervene because of divine politics same reason we don't nuke Afghanistan it's a self imposed limitation. As for Yahweh bold of you to assume he would get involved, or that he is more powerful than the gods of D&D. If D&D gods exist Yahweh or a being like...
  16. King Arts

    You get a space colony

    Inspired by this thread I saw. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/you-get-elysium.269163/ You wake up tomorrow in a nice fancy room with a robot butler who greets you. "Good morning your excellency." When you get out of bed you look out a window and see earth, you are in space on a giant...
  17. King Arts

    What does your utopia look like?

    Normally CYOA's go into the CYOA thread, however this one is political so I thought we can discuss about the pros and cons of each others vision of utopia.
  18. King Arts

    You're a Jedi who survived Order 66 what do?

    You're a Jedi and Order 66 just happened. Luckily, you survived, but now the new Galactic Empire has declared you an enemy. What would you do to stay in one piece? I'm going by Legends Cannon where some Jedi survivors survived all the way up to Luke's New Jedi Order. You're free to go by...
  19. King Arts

    You are a Frost Demon in Invincible

    So you get transported to the world of Amazon's Invincible based on the comic by image comics. But to insure you don't instantly die, you get a new body. You become a Frost Demon aka Freeza's species from Dragon Ball Z. What do you do?
  20. King Arts

    What If? Choose which Elder Race humanity will meet

    All of these alien empires share the same galaxy with humanity, but you get to choose next to which alien empire's borders earth is next to The first option is the Doctrinal Enforcers They seek to convert the whole galaxy to their faith, they are willing to use force. Their religion is a mix of...
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