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  1. Captain X

    Forums seem to be disappearing

    This related to the other stuff going on, or is someone just messing with my permissions?
  2. Captain X

    United States Earn it Act 2022

    Apparently this has been revived. Text of Bill/Status I really hope this fails again.
  3. Captain X

    Anime & Manga General Anime/Manga Discussion

    So apparently Season 2 of Uzaki-chan is coming out this year. Hmmmm.... Did they? ... Did they cave to pressure about how ridiculously huge her tits were? :unsure:
  4. Captain X

    Junkyards in the desert

    So I'm looking for a body for a pickup I want to restore, but thanks to living up in the north, pretty much every example I can find up here has rust in exactly the same places, and the thought occurred to me that I might have better luck in the desert. I was wondering if anyone who lives in...
  5. Captain X

    Web Content Interesting low budget horror series

    One of the many YouTube channels I watch is Nexpo, and lately he's been doing some long-form videos where he basically covers someone else's work and does analysis of it. This is one of the more interesting examples of that, though it is over 2.5 hours long. I personally found it pretty...
  6. Captain X

    WI: Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War succeeds

    From my understanding of it, the failure of this intervention was mainly due to lack of support due to war weariness, and the lack of cooperation among the many participants. It's a little hard to blame people in other countries for not wanting to get tangled up in yet another war, especially...
  7. Captain X

    Leftist Child Grooming

    I feel like we could use a thread to collate stories like this: You know, just the obsession leftists have with grooming children as young as pre-schoolers with topics like sex kinks.
  8. Captain X

    Old Tech TV show

    Long ago, in the before time, there was a really cool cable channel called Tech TV. As a young college student, I would often find myself watching it late at night and into the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, and one of my favorite shows at the time was all about showing amateur CGI...
  9. Captain X

    Britain Tommy Robinson

    You know, I've not heard anything from or even about this scrappy little personality in quite a while. Like, not since before the plague struck as far as I know. Has he been locked away in a gulag somewhere and successfully unpersoned?
  10. Captain X

    WI: No Lend-Lease for the USSR?

    What if the US decided to punish the USSR for its part in starting the war in Europe by invading Poland right along with Germany in 1939 by never extending Lend-Lease aid to them? There would also obviously not be any kind of an alliance between the USSR and the other Allied nations in fighting...
  11. Captain X

    The Push to Ban Tobacco

    Am I the only one confused about the continued push to ban tobacco in light of the effort to legalize weed and other currently illegal substances? In any case, New Zealand is making a pretty big push right now, apparently. Of course, they are basically a fascist country right now.
  12. Captain X

    Business & Finance Move over $15 per hour...

    Make room for 4 day work week! :ROFLMAO: The fun part is that I technically already have that, because I work 4 ten-hour shifts.
  13. Captain X

    Random News Stories

    Thought I'd make a thread for random news stories that don't really deserve their own thread since I happen to have one of those and didn't see a thread for it...
  14. Captain X

    Anime & Manga "Infamous" Anime

    So what animes would people here consider to be particularly infamous?
  15. Captain X

    Business & Finance Rising Labor Costs & Automation Affordability

    I can remember having this discussion with the leftist types over on WordForge about how raising the minimum wage would only result in the cost of everything else going up, and would probably also result in younger people with no experience being shut out of jobs, and would probably also result...
  16. Captain X

    US Space Force prototype uniforms

    Like a mix of nuBSG and TWoK. Actually, it could probably use a belt like the WoK uniforms. And I'm thinking they should do a different collar on their dress shirt and get rid of the tie since all you can see of it is the knot anyway.
  17. Captain X

    Web Content Website coding help

    So I have a website, which I made back in like the mid-2000s, and I would like very much to keep it up and running. The problem is, my host is updating their servers to the latest and greatest version of PHP, apparently, and this results in basically anything other than basic characters...
  18. Captain X

    Meme Thread for Both Posting and Discussing Memes

    Since I'm tired of the baggage of the other commie meme thread, I'm making a new one where it is permissible to both post memes and discuss them, which is okay because I'm the OP and I say so, so 😝
  19. Captain X

    United States John Titor

    So are people aware of this old internet story involving a time-traveling soldier who was trying to get an old IBM computer to bring back to the future that was posted in like the late-'90s or early-2000s? I remember he was supposed to be a soldier who'd fought a second civil war, which was...
  20. Captain X

    Bug Report Tweets not displaying properly

    Is anyone else having an issue with in-line Tweets not displaying properly? Like I'll get the upper half of it, but the bottom part is cut off, and any pictures and videos won't display at all. It this possibly just a browser issue for me since I stubbornly insist on using an older version of...
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