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    Military Military Marches, shanties and chants

    I am suprised,that nobody show it yet. Great show how to ambush your enemies.Another song show how modern military should look like. Here:
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    Music The Music Recommendation Thread: Post Your Jazzy Tunes.

    When i was child,i hear it in radio and liked it.Found on YT,and still like to listen.Some other songs of theirs,like Eldorado,are good,too. I never was on Jamaica,but i hope,that people really have fun there.
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    Warhammer The Iron Empire (Warhammer 40k)

    Some kind of humanitarian religion? Then, i found Anthem for them :
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    Middle East Running Iranian threat news and discussion thread

    If it was Izrael again,they are fools.Iran has hackers,too.
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    Russia(gate/bot) Russian-Ukrainian-Polish Eternal Friendship Thread

    ??????????? Bush would everything he could to save soviets.All presidemts after him except Trump did what Russia wonted. Biden agreed to NS2.And normally he would let Putin rape Ukraine,but,unfortunatelly,when Ukraine agreed to disarm their H bombs,USA among other countries,included Russia...
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    What If? You are King of Space Belgium

    It is as @Val the Moofia Boss said - in next war your kingdom would die. What to do: 1.Be selfish,grab as much money as you could,take luxury spaceship and run. 2.Support stronger - when war come,support stronger superpower,they would win without destroing your territory.And you would be...
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    Warhammer The Iron Empire (Warhammer 40k)

    Which planet they conqer? IoM? Chaos? and for which purpose? Another ally - good. Problem is - entire Legion need Jarn to function.Once he die,they cease to exist. They need Faith in something else.Maye made them space christians/muslim/buddhist/whatever religion they take ? There is great...
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    Finnish Military news megathread.

    You buy twice as much as Poland.Good for you,shame for us.
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    Science Science Cringe Megathread

    Light is white,which mean racists.We must turn it into rainbow,but not old testament version,only lgbt!!!!!:):)
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    2 questions, and 2 polls on any war between post-Versailles Germany and 2nd Polish Republic

    That changed everything. Main problem with scenarios with both soviets and Hitler are: 1.Sralin goal was to wait for war and beat weakened victor,when war do not started he do that by making pact with Hitler. But - he acted becouse he was commie beliver.Every other soviet leader would try take...
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    2 questions, and 2 polls on any war between post-Versailles Germany and 2nd Polish Republic

    Without M-R ,Hitler would not start anything in 1939,but wait till 1942 when army would be ready for war.If he was mad enough to try in 1938,then Germany would not win quickly,or maybe even not win at all - they have no fuel and ammo.Even In 1939 Guderian corp wait near Brześć without fuel,and...
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    2 questions, and 2 polls on any war between post-Versailles Germany and 2nd Polish Republic

    There are two problems: 1.Alliance with soviets - one of reasons why germans do not try seriously form their own polish goverment was becouse Sralin say no.He would do so again,and backstab Poland even more quickly then OTL without Allies joining war. 2.Ego of our military dictatorship - they...
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    Dune New Dune Movie (2020)

    I read it.There is nothing fascist there.Atrides are monarchists. P.S read it,it is worth it.
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Nope,germans are obliged to belive that they have rights to Poland,do not ask me why. Personally,we poles do not care about them as long as they stay on their turf. Well,they must pay reparation and stop prosecuting polish minority,but that it is all. Back to topic - germans for some reasons...
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    Middle East Running Iranian threat news and discussion thread

    Islam demanded their death from 1300 years,and they are still there - becouse iranian version of islam actually do not demand that.They could live and become rich,only could not take some positions in army or state,and pay more taxes. Just like christian lived in Iraq - till USA invade...
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    Immigration and multiculturalism news

    Since praing to demon Paczamama i do not except anything good from him.
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    As long as they do not copy prussia again,becouse it mean another WW started by germans and lost thanks to their prussian stupidity.
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    True enough.What about dudes who really helped workers,then?
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    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Then take remnants of old Democrats,who really belive in Constitution,not lgbt+52. Normal republican alone would not be enough
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    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    China arleady did what they wonted,Japan too/althought for other reasons and without violence/,they tried it in Africa and India,but people there do not cooperated. We have problems,becouse we have current elites working for them.With all kind of "enlinghtened" of various orygin. Western world...
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