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  1. Husky_Khan

    Rest In Peace Comedian Norm MacDonald, passes away at 61

    At least now I know Norm is going to be pleased at my devastation of his death.
  2. Husky_Khan

    Interesting Military Facts & Stories You Discovered

    Not really a story.... more of a forty second video really...
  3. Husky_Khan

    Breaking News Violence resumes in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong's population has declined by over one percent over the past twelve months, equating almost 90,000 people and is the biggest drop in over sixty years. It's believed to largely be related to China passing it's new National Security Law as well as strict WuFlu security measures still in...
  4. Husky_Khan

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Probably hate news as much as a Pandemic thing, but more idiocy from American Airlines in throwing out three passengers because of a NONCOMPLIANT two year old (who tested Covid Negative the day before) who wouldn't wear a mask due to an asthma attack. Thankfully police were summoned to escort...
  5. Husky_Khan

    Humor/Comedy Celebrity Cringe Thread

    More Nicki Minajerie... and Bounding Into Comics actually helped summarize the whole sage with archived tweets to boot. Nicki Minaj's latest offering was an Instagram Live video where she compared the current climate to when she visited China and they told her not to speak out against the...
  6. Husky_Khan

    Rest In Peace Comedian Norm MacDonald, passes away at 61

    'Never cancelled.' "Or so the Germans would have us believe..."
  7. Husky_Khan

    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    ☝☝☝ 100% this! I've been saying for years the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty was basically enshrining the true equalizers on the world stage, nuclear weapons, into the hands of the elite few at the benefit of the elite few and denying the benefits of both nuclear warheads AND their delivery...
  8. Husky_Khan

    Rest In Peace Comedian Norm MacDonald, passes away at 61

    Comedians Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz and Jay Leno sharing Norm MacDonald stories such as how Norm got himself and Jon Lovitz banned from a casino, his infamous OJ Simpson joke at the Espy's and Jay Leno learning how to drive and much, much more. Also a compilation of Norm MacDonald's September...
  9. Husky_Khan

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    They're going to have such cute kids!!! Nicky Minaj and the White Nationalist I mean...
  10. Husky_Khan

    China Wuhan Virus Pandemic

    Another Unvaxxed loses their job. This time a Michigan TV News Weatherman named Karl Bohnak who worked for the local station WLUC-TV6 for over thirty years. Gray Television, the owner of the station, stated anyone who enters their property must show proof of vaccination...
  11. Husky_Khan

    Warbirds Thread

    MiG-15 BiS Sauce And some lewd pictures of F-35's and helicopters on the deck of the HMS Prince of Wales (I thought the Japanese sunk it!).
  12. Husky_Khan

    Breaking News Happy News Thread

    A missing child reunited with her Mother after being abducted fourteen years ago, when she was only six years old!
  13. Husky_Khan

    Humor/Comedy Politicians Cringe Thread

    Progressive socialist star Pramila Jayapal has numerous former staffers speaking out against her and her office practices. In response to the articles request for comment, a Rep Jayapal spokesperson had this to say: “Women of color are often unjustly targeted, regularly held to higher...
  14. Husky_Khan

    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Oh thank goodness... I thought this 3.5 trillion spending plan might actually cost something. But doesn't seem to be the case now lads and lasses... Nothing to worry about here...
  15. Husky_Khan

    Culture The Masking of the Servant Class: Ugly COVID Images From the Met Gala Are Now Commonplace

    Here's another video of the "Socialist" elite and their masked servants.
  16. Husky_Khan

    Asia-Pacific The Quad Security Dialogue/Trilateral Security Pact against Chi-na

    So now in addition to the Quad Security Dialogue of the United States, Australia, Japan and India, we now have the August Security Pact where three powers, Great Britain, Australia and the United States will be cooperating in the region, specifically against Chi-na (as I recently discovered in...
  17. Husky_Khan

    Humor/Comedy Deep State (Dis)Respect Thread

    According to testimony from Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast McKayla Maroney, the FBI were complete fail in regards to investigating the Olympic Gymnastics Team sexual abuse scandal.
  18. Husky_Khan

    Middle East Running Iranian threat news and discussion thread

    According to a PR Spokesperson of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or IRGC, they confronted a criminal gang in NW Iran that was involved in trafficking, torturing, blackmailing and ransoming foreign nationals. At least one smugger was killed and five arrested, with apparently thirty individuals...
  19. Husky_Khan

    China ChiCom News Thread

    The United Kingdom banned the Chinese Ambassador to said United Kingdom from speaking before Parliament over sanctions that China issued against UK parliament members because said UK Parliament members made comments speaking out against Chinese actions and behavior towards Uighers in the...
  20. Husky_Khan

    Media/Journalism Cringe Megathread - Hot off the Presses

    Here's an excellent example of cringe journalism in newsmedia. Just look at these headlines. In theory... all of these services should be pretty bland and vanilla. First we'll start with the BBC. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-58567142 Seems fine to me. And here's NPR, a public...
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