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  1. Speaker4thesilent

    Tally program and the sietch

    My tally program can’t find my thread on the site. Is this a thing I can fix, or is the issue on the site’s end?
  2. Speaker4thesilent

    Quest A Sword Through the Multiverse: Stabbing Space Whales[A FSN/Worm quest]

    A/N: Alright, last time I tried this, I was a n00b GM and made a bunch of n00b mistakes. I have located the papered-over cracks in my GMing style and torn them down to the studs and rebuilt. I think I can avoid making a hash of things this time. For those of you who followed my last quest, yes...
  3. Speaker4thesilent

    Battletech Welcome to the Jungle

    Crossposting from SB. AN: Why should you read this? After all, there are several BT SIs out there right now. The short answer? The SI is clueless, since he is based on me before I got into Bruce Quest. Helm. What's that? New Dallas. Where? Never heard of it. BattleTech. Isn't that a tabletop...
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