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  1. Jormungandr

    Humor/Comedy The Sietch's TIFU Thread! (Or "Your Daily Dose of Five Minute Fuckups!")

    Inspired by Reddit's TIFU subreddit, here's a place where you can briefly vent or just laugh in exasperation about something that has gone wrong with your day, week, or month. To kick things off... I am having a real, real shitty month. I can't frown or stretch the skin on my forehead at the...
  2. Jormungandr

    Technology Refit, Retrofit, or Upgrade It! Old Technology Given New Life Discussion Thread

    This thread is a discussion ground for people who use and/or have upgraded/refitted/retrofitted older technology with newer hardware or software upgrades/updates to keep them going longer, whether due to financial reasons, practicality, or just plain old fondness. It could be as simple as...
  3. Jormungandr

    Feminist Farmers Complain "Male-Designed" Farming Equipment is Sexist

    I'm honestly laughing my ass off. "Farming is too hard: redesign all your equipment so it's easier for women and not men, please." Bitch, please: farming is hard work. Very hard. And hazardous.
  4. Jormungandr

    Heads Up: Pluralsight Free Weekend!

    Just a heads up for those artistically inclined, but Pluralsight is having a free weekend right now -- great if you wish to advance your knowledge of Photoshop, 3D programs, or programming. https://www.pluralsight.com/offer/2020/november-free-weekend If you like the site and wish to continue...
  5. Jormungandr

    Breaking News Project Veritas Democrat Ballot Stuffing Revelations

    So, yeah. Why the fuck hasn't Omar been stripped or her ill-gotten citizenship and had her ass booted back to Somalia? I thought about posting this in the "Who Else Dreads This Year" thread, but I think it's important enough an issue to be its own thread.
  6. Jormungandr

    Technology Post Your PC Specs!

    Just a thread where people can post the specifications of their battle-station and discuss them with other users. I'll start with my ancient yet still chugging along rig: AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4 GHZ Hyper X Fury 4GB DDR3L 1600mhz, 2 x 4GB DDR3L 1600mhz [12GB] ATI Radeon 4600 HD...
  7. Jormungandr

    Sanity and Red Bull

    The Austrian boss of Red Bull, who likes Trump, sacked two Leftard American executives for trying to push BLM bullshit (you know, "diversity") and leaking corporate documents (which is sackable in itself) He also sacked another executive who was actually racist. He's against racism in all forms...
  8. Jormungandr

    United States Majority of Polled Americans Now Desire National Guard/Military to Ongoing Crush Riots

    So, yeah. They want the National Guard/military to stomp out the riots. :ROFLMAO:
  9. Jormungandr

    United States Democrats and Vote-rigging

    Can't win? Cheat! Hmm... given how fucking corrupt and idiotic the Democrat Party currently is, should we create a mega-thread? For fairness, maybe it should include Republican instances, too. But, I get the feeling any Republican examples would be drowned out by the sheer stupidity of the...
  10. Jormungandr

    Low Probability Ways to Die Horribly

    Yeah: it's like that poor woman who cut her hand on a used bread-knife while washing-up years back, and she caught "flesh-eating" bacteria that cost her a few fingers, IIRC? Outliers.
  11. Jormungandr

    United States Another Suicidal Democrat Maneuver: Relief Bill Blocked

    Yeah. sigh Come November, they've already killed what little support they had. People are pissed. It's likely they want to be the ones to do this, or add a provision that forces Americans to pay it back with interest. ...Why haven't these people been Soylent Greened yet? They'd do more for...
  12. Jormungandr

    Culture "Feminists" Firebomb Themselves in Mexican Protests

    Gotta admit, this was fucking hilarious. Remember how I was derided and ban-hammered on SB for saying/providing proof that "feminists" are batshit insane? Turns out they're batshit insane and are completely incompetent. 🤔
  13. Jormungandr

    Culture Republican Mega-Donor Purchases Massive Stake in Twitter

    Paul Singer, who once opposed but now fully backs Trump, has bought a large stake in Twitter and is pressuring to get CEO Jack Dorsey booted out on his ass. :ROFLMAO: I'm finding this goddamn hilarious: SJW and Leftist Twitter might be getting a huge wake-up call. In addition, as a commentator...
  14. Jormungandr

    Combating Veterans' Homelessness with Micro-Homes

    I'm still astounded in a good way after I came across this. I think not only would this be good for those homeless who haven't got an additional problem (substance, severe mental illness, et cetera), and even then they could receive better support since they'd have a semi-permanent address, but...
  15. Jormungandr

    AOC Finally, Openly Calls Democrats Stand for Open-Borders

    Yup. She finally did it. Break-up ICE, no border-controls, checks, and unlimited migration. Oh, and she's encouraging people to break the law. She also just pissed gasoline on the ashes of the smoldering Democrat Party. She's the best thing that's ever happened to the Republicans. :ROFLMAO:
  16. Jormungandr

    Male Sexually Assaulted and the College Kangaroo Court System

    I'm shaking my head in utter disbelief. He has proof, concrete proof, and the college still sides with her as though he's the guilty party. And people on SB called me fucking paranoid when I said I'd either record or get audio/video permission from a woman beforehand. Eat crow. Guy should...
  17. Jormungandr

    Chinese Prisoner Leaves Plea for Help Inside Xmas Card

    I posted this on SB too (probably a mistake as I'll be called a Sinophobe or something instead of the thread being a discussion on it, but meh, I stopped caring months ago what people thought of me on there when a large portion of the user-base went full on screeching chimpanzee over 'evil...
  18. Jormungandr

    United States AOC Playing the Fool... Again

    I'll just quote Mr Pool: Yeah, I think it's safe to say she drank bleach on the side, when she was a bartender. 🤔 Great job, AOC.
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