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  1. Scottty

    What If? You’re made leader of the USSR in 1933,what changes will you do to the union?

    Doesn't matter how much of a dumpster fire it becomes in practice, if the people who write history are shameless liars who pretend anything that discredits their ideology never happened.
  2. Scottty

    What If? You’re made leader of the USSR in 1933,what changes will you do to the union?

    "And this, Comrades, is why The Party does not entrust leadership of Soviet Union to random people on Internet."
  3. Scottty

    What If? You’re made leader of the USSR in 1933,what changes will you do to the union?

    Stop all persecution of Christianity. End the gulags Cease all support for revolutionary movements worldwide De-collectivize the system, restoring private ownership on a small-scale leve Modernize the armed forces. Because I happen to have some future knowledge...
  4. Scottty

    Neoreacshunary Kat Sez - NRx Memes And Stuff

    How do people get into a mindset like that?
  5. Scottty

    The Kaiser's World: Speculating on a German victory in 1918

    ATP, your increasingly obvious anti-German and anti-Protestant feelings rather count against your advice on what would have been a better war policy for the German Kaiser and his government.
  6. Scottty

    Culture The Decline in Divorce

    Was thinking the same thing. What if the divorce rate is lower because the kind of people who wouldn't treat marriage as a serious long-term commitment aren't getting married to start with?
  7. Scottty

    The Contradiction of Equitable Leftism

    Part of a discussion on another forum - but I'll just quote the following: Poster 1: Communism is one of the dumbest forms of society conceivable. Nazism is just as bad, and feminism has a higher death toll than both of those two systems combined. But communism is so obviously dumb. It...
  8. Scottty

    The Contradiction of Equitable Leftism

    Pretty much the pattern with all of those Leftist ideologies. All of them. A Communist wants all of your stuff to be shared with him. Doesn't mean he wants you to get any share of his stuff. Al Gore wants you to stop using fossil fuels and live in poverty because The Environment. Of course...
  9. Scottty

    Philosophy War, Genocide and Murder may predate Humanity.

    "May predate humanity"? That's going beyond the facts. "Is not limited to humanity" would be better. It is entirely possible that Chimpanzees developed such behaviours independently of humans. Or copied them from humans. The significant thing question, to my mind, is how animals without the...
  10. Scottty

    Thus Buzzes the Babylon Bee

    I think their plan is to cause the West to get eaten by the Chinese.
  11. Scottty

    Thus Buzzes the Babylon Bee

    As in Russia back then, the majority of people hope that if they just keep their heads down and stay out of trouble, it will all blow over.
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