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    Best shave

    Do you agree that the older razors work better?
  2. C

    Tomas Sowell

    on how helping the third world isnt helping it.
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    What if america joined the central powers

    How would the world history and the world in general be changed if America joined the central powers in 1916?
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    key board help

    the a button on my keyboard is acting up any idea how to fix it?
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    The american intelectual tradition

    After the American revolution, America's intelectuals had to justify their existance. While some people say America was anti intellectual its more correct to say that after a brutal revolution the people of the America's were suspicious of a whole lot of European things including the European...
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    deloitte's official statement

    By Diana O’Brien According to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, 80 percent of Internet users worldwide use social media, and consumers routinely interact directly with brands through social media. Employees, too, are using social media—to become smarter about their...
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    threats to free speech

    Google is going all in this election, and the democrats make the first amendment a partazin issue this is blantantly against the constitution and might just be majorly illegal so 2020 is going to be a very big deal.
  8. C


    Original sixth might disagree with me on this but I think that the different regions of the united states help balance each other out. Take my state California, Were known for our hedonism, and our desire to change the world. But dear god we can be a self destructive mess, if we were in...
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    Is the Absurd build viable?

    Absurd is a human Strength 13 Dexterity 13 Consitution 15 Inteligence 13 Wisdom 13 Charisma 13 While he's charming enough to get into a group his main flaw is well he's annoying. He started out as a bard from a college and then got kicked out, so he went into the wilderness learned how to...
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    4chan, ISIS, and cyber security

    Duke they were up against 4 chan, that website is weaponized austism that has been refined into a weapon of mass destruction. Greater minds have gone up against them and lost.
  11. C

    What went wrong with Europe

    I thought the accident was called the EU.
  12. C

    world war propaganda

    A place for the propaganda of the world wars/cold war this piece is London can take it
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    Who is polands best neighbor?

    Poland has had some rather difficult moments in its history but it does have neighbors in your opinion who is polands best neighbor?
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    peter Zeihan 2020

    so were in for a really troubled time global time soon.
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    Watch stuff

    this is why watch collectors don't like timex watches dispite their benefits.
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    CNN not allowed to go to lunchon

    Trump banns CNN from annual state of the union lunch. I honestly do not think any news organizations should be invited to that lunch.
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    The trade war with china

    It looks like what ever deal we wanted locked up with GB is over and now were finally entering into the trade war with china (early phases) This by the way is envitable. If a democrat wins the election there will be a trade war, if trump gets in there will be a trade war if Bernie sanders some...
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    Finally justice

    CNN caves it looks like justice is moving.
  19. C

    The bad guy

    A kind of interesting idea that deep down inside SJWs know their the bad guy. That's why so many identify with them.
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    Underbelly of academia

    This is defiantly true, academia isn't really interested in the truth these days and are very self serving.
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