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  1. PsihoKekec

    Web Content Girl Genius - Because Mad Science Knows No Bounds

    Past time we got the thread to discuss the on of best running webcomics, Girl Genius. Now, if you are one of those poor underprivileged souls who have no idea what I am talking about, it's an epic story of adventure and romance in a world that can be best summed up as: So hoppity hippity...
  2. PsihoKekec

    History The Rights Of The Court To Punish.

    It's a clear case of using the justicial process as punishment.
  3. PsihoKekec

    Ferguson Rifle

    Ferguson rifle was ahead of it's time and didn't find the support within the British Army. But what if in addition to being weapon for the light infantry, he also tried to pass it as the weapon for the mounted troops, with Army being willing to carry the expense of arming some of the dragoon...
  4. PsihoKekec

    Rest In Peace Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Age 97

    Chuck Yaeger died at 97. Quite an age especially considering his many brushes with death.
  5. PsihoKekec

    What If? Doom Eternal, uninvited visitors during the fall of Earth

    So the demon invasion starts in earnest and militaries of the world are thrown into disarray (no small thanks to betrayal by UAC), remaining forces trying to defend shrinking pockets of surviving population against seemingly unending hordes of mortality challenged, trying to evacuate as many...
  6. PsihoKekec

    Funny Hypocrisy

    Biden Surrogate Builds Wall, Makes Michigan Taxpayers Pay For It - Washington Free Beacon
  7. PsihoKekec

    Cuties (Dis)respect Thread: Now on Netflix!

    Netflix has a show normalizing pedophilia and 4chan doesn't want screenshot of that particular flavor of degeneracy.
  8. PsihoKekec


    It looks like Vauban's ideas never went out of fashion.
  9. PsihoKekec

    WarPac vs. NATO Tank and Armored Vehicle Designs/Doctrine

    The Russians are totally not copying the West, these are their own ideas REEEEEEEEE!!!! Jokes aside, like all designs, they must conform to the overall military doctrine of the nation that produces them and Russian military doctrine for the last 15 years has changed a lot compared to Soviet...
  10. PsihoKekec

    Bravery and beyond

    A boy gets between a rampaging dog and his little sister
  11. PsihoKekec

    Warbirds Thread

    Aircraft and helicopters, the sky is the limit.
  12. PsihoKekec

    Rest In Peace Deaths Of Note

    Jean Raspail died yesterday. He is best known the novel The Camp of the Saints in which he warned of consequences of the unchecked migration into Europe. Sadly his warning was not heeded, he was often mocked and derided in his lifetime.
  13. PsihoKekec

    Dindus, Joggers and Other Shot People

    Since people getting shot is a daily occurrence in the USA, let's have the common thread for every time media decides to raise a shitstorm and also those times it doesn't. Donut Operator delivers regulary ''I can not breathe.'' "Yeah well you shoulda thought about that before you shot me." "I...
  14. PsihoKekec

    Excellence in Shitlording

    Thread dedicated to those who successfully rile up people on the internet. Starting with latest Kantbot shitstorm
  15. PsihoKekec

    Interesting Stories From The Internet

    The real Lord of the Flies didn't turn like in the book The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months
  16. PsihoKekec

    Cake Lawsuit, Again

    Remember the guy who was sued over refusing to bake a cake with gay sex motive? Now he is getting sued for refusing to bake a cake with transgender motive. Disobedience is not tolerated.
  17. PsihoKekec

    Russian collusion

    Remember when Muller probe indicted three Russian firms and 13 individuals for election interference? One of the companies sent representation for trial and after a year of bluster and obfuscation, the DOJ dropped the case to avoid divulging the non existant proof against Russian company. DOJ...
  18. PsihoKekec

    Hammer Crusade

    Something slightly insane In the year of 2020 band Hammerfal produces an album in record time and embarks on a very successful European tour. On the album the singer Oscar Cairns declares himself the prophet of the metal age and the band members to be his apostles, preaching a metal crusade to...
  19. PsihoKekec

    Awesome Pictures

    Thread for pictures you want to share with the rest of us, but don't fit in the Funny Pictures or Political Memes thread
  20. PsihoKekec

    Self-defense axe throwing

    In the wake of recent New Jersey shooting, some martial arts grifters are seazing their chance. I guess local gun laws might be too restrictive for effective self defense, but axe throwing is still stupid. That's fucking retarded, even if by some miracle you manage a perfect throw and hit the...
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