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  1. Urabrask Revealed

    What If? the Moon turned habitable in June 2018?

    Inspired by this thread: https://www.the-sietch.com/index.php?threads/scientists-want-to-repopulate-the-moon-with-sperm-bank.5164/ On midnight EDT on the 1th of Juni, the moon turns green and blue, with a stable life- and human-substaining atmosphere around it. The moon itself has one large...
  2. Urabrask Revealed

    Super Soldiers - What do they actually need?

    The concept of a super soldier is a common one. Faster, stronger, more precise, and what have you, fiction often likes to create said people in order to provide a challenge for the protagonists or have a dramatic story. Ranging Captain America over the Space Marines of Warhammer along with...
  3. Urabrask Revealed

    What If? Robert House (Fallout: New Vegas) and Andrew Ryan (Bioshock) end up in the other's body?

    It is the year 2138 in Las Vegas of Fallout. In the early summer-morning, deep in the bowels of Lucky 38, Andrew Ryan wakes up to find himself in an unfamiliar body, with access to all the technology Robert House was hooked up with when he entered the cryonic chamber to extent his own life and...
  4. Urabrask Revealed

    What If? in the Old World of Darkness, Daedra Artifacts start to appear in cities controlled by Vampires?

    Specifically the artifacts listed under this link. The cities where said artifacts appear in evenly-distributed numbers are the following: - Los Angeles, California - Detroit, Michigan - New York City, New York - Chicago, Illinois - San Franchisco, California - Las Vegas, Nevada If destroyed...
  5. Urabrask Revealed

    Books J.R.R. Tolkien's 129th Birthday today

    It's J.R.R.Tolkien's birthday. He would be 129 years old if he were alive today. https://www.tolkiensociety.org/2021/01/tolkien-birthday-toast-2021/ Sometimes I wonder what our fantasy culture would look like if not for his codifying work.
  6. Urabrask Revealed

    What If? The Metagene of DC was real?

    Let's recap for a moment the metagene of DC, the source of power of some individuals in the universe of DC. It is a heredict gene that tends to stay dormant and noticed, until a high stress situation such as a high voltage shock causes it to activate and give its owner powers corresponding to...
  7. Urabrask Revealed

    Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman, lead actor of Black Panther, dead at 43

    Chadwick Boseman, who starred in movies such as "Black Panther", "42", and "Get on it up", have succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He died in his home, surrounded by wife and family. The illness has been diagnosticed in 2016 and he had been in treatment since. Unfortunately, it couldn't be cured...
  8. Urabrask Revealed

    Moments in fiction where you thought both sides have a point.

    Have you ever had a scene in a fictional story where you thought: "Man, if only they'd talk to each other, they have both good reasons and arguments for their actions. Maybe they can talk it out instead"? Well, this is the thread for you. My example comes from LISA The Painful and LISA The...
  9. Urabrask Revealed

    History The Responsibility of Emperor Hirohito and Japanese Apologies/Reparations for Crimes Against Humanity

    I have seen it in Germany, and I envy the Japanese Government for their stance of "We already apologized, you demanded more, so fuck all of you! We will glorify our past when not talking about it!"
  10. Urabrask Revealed

    What If? 90% of Hong Kong's population were granted refugee-status in the UK?

    In light of a recent statement by Boris Johnson, namely that the UK is going to welcome thousands of Hong Kong citizens as refugees, I've decided to run a thought experiment that goes even further. Rather than taking in "just" a few thousand, Boris Johnson goes beyond that and manages to convice...
  11. Urabrask Revealed

    United States George Floyd Protests, Reactions and Riots

    The whole thing was filmed, with 3 other cops standing around and doing nothing to intervene. These four cops were fired, but it was apparently not enough as there are reports of riots in the city...
  12. Urabrask Revealed

    United States Minnesota; Man, George Floyd, dies during arrest, cause being a cop kneeling on his neck

    The whole thing was filmed, with 3 other cops standing around and doing nothing to intervene. These four cops were fired, but it was apparently not enough as there are reports of riots in the city...
  13. Urabrask Revealed

    Xenomorphs as part of an ecology

    We all know, love, and fear one of horror-movie's most known creatures, the Xenomorph. It has been stated often that an uncontrolled xenomorph infestation spells the doom of any given world, because said aliens end up consuming the ecology to fuel the growth of their hive. But what if the...
  14. Urabrask Revealed

    ISOT WI: A Crusader Knight gets traveled back in time?

    During the Siege of Jerusalem in 1099, a knight goes to sleep in his tent. The next morning he's rudely shook awake by his worried squire. He learns the siege is gone, the city has shrunk, and a group of armed people (roman legionares) approaching his place. The knight is accompanied by his...
  15. Urabrask Revealed

    MMO Warframe - Ninjas play free

    What is Warframe? It's a MMO Loot shooter where you play as a Space-Ninja fighting against three Sci-Fi factions: the Grineer, the Corpus, and the Technocyte. The game has been out of closed beta since 2013, and has been steadily growing since then, adding new content, weapons, characters...
  16. Urabrask Revealed

    Star Wars Fanfic Ideas, Recommendations, and Discussions Thread

    Well, seeing as we have no Fanfic Ideas, Recommendations, and Discussions Threads yet, I decided to create one for Star Wars. The Legends timeline is ripe for plenty of fanfics after all. Fanfics: Old Man Luke by scarletjedi As the title and summary imply, this fic is about ST Luke being...
  17. Urabrask Revealed

    Election 2020 95.000 illegals vote illegally in Texas

    https://web.archive.org/web/20200102170650/https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jan/30/texas-finds-95000-noncitizens-voter-rolls/ So, contrary to the claims of democrats and others, illegals DO vote without permit to serve their own needs. This stuff right there why Voter-ID should a...
  18. Urabrask Revealed

    Need help with Firefox Download Settings

    Recently Firefox has some updates. Now when I try to check a downloaded file, it doesn't open a seperate Explorer window, it uses the already open window to jump to whatever file I selected. How do I adjust the download-settings so that Firefox opens a new Explorer window when I click on the...
  19. Urabrask Revealed

    Alternate History WI there was a nocturnal kind of Homo Sapiens discovered during the Roman Empire?

    By chance, two strains of Homo Sapiens evolved into being. One strain is the good ol' Homo Sapiens, in this timeline know as Homo Sapiens Lumus, and the other is a nocturnal variant of Homo Sapiens, dubbed Homo Sapiens Umbrus. While the greek texts had first descriptions of Homo Sapiens Umbrus...
  20. Urabrask Revealed

    United States New York Red Flag Law victimizes Veteran

    https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/11/whiskeywarrior556_falls_victim_to_new_yorks_red_flag_laws.html This is why any person trying to pass Red Flag Laws should be forced out of office. Such people want to make a tyranny out of the USA, and they must be opposed with all available tools.
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