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  1. Bear Ribs

    Humor/Comedy ScatterPatter Incorrect Quote Generator

    This thing's a treasure. Anybody else had fun generating bad quotes with it? There's fewer prompts available with more people but I find the longer ones funnier myself. https://incorrect-quotes-generator.neocities.org/ Bob: I'm incredibly fast at math. Alice: Alright, what's 30x17? Bob: 47...
  2. Bear Ribs

    Anime & Manga Rib Reviews

    Transformers: Combiner Wars Laconic: It's pretty Meh. Combiner Wars is a Transformers series of 8 episodes of only five minutes long each. This means the entire thing is 40 minutes long and apparently, even with that much run time they had to add an awful lot of padding in the form of long...
  3. Bear Ribs

    Free Stuff Thread

    A place to post when you find free swag and goods being given away. To start off, Greek Olive & Herbs is offering free T-shirts (Branded with their logo, olive green only). They don't guarantee everybody will get one but several people have verified receiving theirs and I've already sent for...
  4. Bear Ribs

    Images Cool and Interesting Pictures Thread

    Because we have animals and funny but there wasn't anything else available.
  5. Bear Ribs

    Humor/Comedy The CPAC Runic Stage Conspiracy

    People are throwing a fit about how CPAC's stage is secretly shaped like a nordic rune that some Nazi uniforms had on them. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/02/cpac-organizer-denies-stage-nazi-symbol-odal-rune.html...
  6. Bear Ribs

    The Twelve Swords in Westeros

    The Twelve Swords from Saberhagen's Armory of Swords series get randomly distributed across Westeros right around Robert's Rebellion. Will these magic weapons improve the situation in Westeros or make things even worse? Who's getting shanked and who's going to be King next? Bonus Round...
  7. Bear Ribs

    Business & Finance Nevada Bill allows Corporations to form their own Governments

    This hasn't been voted on yet and hopefully will die stillborn. Nevada is making plans to let tech corporations form their own county-level governments where the corporation will have the authority to impose taxes, assign schools, put their own judges and police forces in place etc. This...
  8. Bear Ribs

    Breaking News Two California Stores Close After Mandated Wage Increase

    https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/2-California-supermarkets-closing-after-city-15918407.php Long Beach mandated a $4 an hour increase as hazard pay for grocery store workers and Kroger's responded by shutting two stores down so far. I'm putting this in Politics because, given the furor about...
  9. Bear Ribs

    Let's Play: Space Empires IV Gold

    So, checking interest for a Let's Play on these forusm. Space Empires IV is a 4X about twenty years old at this point and still highly regarded as one of the best 4X ever made. It has it's roots in the original space empires all the way back in the Windows 3.0 days when you had to start your...
  10. Bear Ribs

    Artwork Bear Ribs' Random Drawings

    Ball Turrets seem to always have one or two barrels so I decided to give one three to see how it came out.
  11. Bear Ribs

    Original Fiction Digging Myself In Deeper

    Might as well move this here since it's gotten long enough to not be snippets anymore. Day 78 “I'm hungry!” the adorable little girl with heel-length tentacle dreads complained as I dug into some stone. I was really starting to regret winding up stuck in a hole with a magical girl, a fallen...
  12. Bear Ribs

    What If? Incredibly Cheap FTL

    An inventor uses a script that signs up for thousands of message boards across the internet simultaneously to distribute his new invention. and ensure that the information can't be contained. He is not interested in his invention being forgotten or hidden by the powers that be and includes his...
  13. Bear Ribs

    What If? ROB Installs a Digital Assistant in your Phone

    You wake up to find a series of new text messages on your phone. It seems ROB has gotten in contact and wants you do do him a favor. ROB wants to install an AI in your phone and see if you can get it properly socialized. Your options are: Look at you u-u-u-user, a pathetic creature of meat...
  14. Bear Ribs

    Anime & Manga Cybersix Retrospective

    Having glanced back over this old anime I thought I'd do a bit of retrospective on it. Cybersix came in in the last months of 1999 and extended into 2000, being made by a joint Canadian/Japanese animation studio and based on an Argentinan comic book... that was published in Italy for some...
  15. Bear Ribs

    Election 2020 Biden Proclaims Blacks are not as Diverse as Latinos

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-latino-diversity-african-american-community For some reason this gaffe is amazingly hard to find in most MSM. It's much easier to find the retraction which is being heralded much more widely. Pretty much as per the title, Biden managed to declare that...
  16. Bear Ribs

    What If? Civilized Aliens with Horrifying Habits

    Had a vague notion come to me while doodling of humans meeting up with your typical bug-type aliens. As with a distressing number of bug-like aliens, these beings absolutely adore the taste of human flesh. However, they're not barbarians and have strict laws against things like murder or...
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