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  1. J

    West Virginia moves in the Right Direction on Schools

    https://thefederalist.com/2021/03/25/once-held-hostage-by-teachers-unions-west-virginia-just-passed-sweeping-school-choice-legislation/ In summary, it is opening up the option for any student who attends a public school for a period of time to receive $4,600 dollars a year to go to paying...
  2. J

    Thoughts on Bret Weinstein

    I was watching Bret on a Jordan Peterson video, and something about him just screams super villian. His talk of "moving beyond genes" just screams supervillain and evilness. I don't really sense ill will from him, but something about him just gives this, evilness about him. But, its hard to...
  3. J

    Libertarianism as the Handmaiden to Socialism

    This seemed to be the final conclusion of a series of two videos made by Academic Agent, Issues with Libertarian arguments against Socialism, part 1 and part 2. This seems to be best framed as a continuation of the argument in the right of if liberalism and Socialism are opposing forces, or...
  4. J

    PC Gaming Anyone Play Shadow Empire?

    I've been feeling like trying out a new Empire builder, and Shadow Empire has been temping me as a major time sink. However, well, it looks like the kind of game that might be really fun, or might be too tedious to eventually get any fun out of. So, has anyone played the game? Is it good now...
  5. J

    Planning & Worldbuilding Commonwealth System

    COMMONWEALTH SYSTEMS Game Map Backstory In 2054, Commonwealth Systems completed its conquest of Earth, and at the time almost no one noticed. Its tyranny was subtle, hidden. It advised, managed, assisted, but did not rule. At least not in the mind anyone but the highest echelons of power...
  6. J

    Discussing Communism

    This is a place for the overflow on the discussion on the merits of communism, since it was starting to derail. @Lord Sovereign @Navarro
  7. J

    The Proper Solution to Excessive or Unjust Ownership

    One of the under discussed problems that helped lead to the Rise of Nazism was the take over of much of the property of Germany by foreigners, especially after the inflation. This helped build the feeling of disenfranchisement and a sense of Germany being a colony of foreign powers. Most hated...
  8. J

    Kipling's Independence

    A short work by kipling, read out by Greenwood, followed by a conversation on what it said and how it relates to now. It is a very powerful speech. Link to the writing of the speech, if one prefers to read. What struck me as the most powerful passage, or at least that which stuck out to me...
  9. J

    Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival

    This is a very interesting essay, that I think is well worth peoples read, and at only 26 pages do not take long, but is packed with information. If you had any interest in the idea of cyclical history, or the suspicion of intellectualism, this is a very good intro and summary of the topic. Even...
  10. J

    Is Le Pen the best choice for France?

    Basically as it says on the tin, is Le Pen the best option France has? As far as I can tell, she's the closest thing you have to a nationalist right winger in France who might not be a horrible internationalist socialist. However, she herself does not seem to be particularly anti socialist, and...
  11. J

    Frankfort and Denazification

    This was an interesting video that traces a line from the Frankfort school's attempt to critize the problems of the "old left" in Communists, how those ideas were adopted by Washington as part of the Denazification project to end Nazism by destroying German culture, and how the tools of the...
  12. J

    BLM as Counter Revolutionary

    In these two videos, Academic Agent, a, not really sure the best place to place it on the right, explains his views on how BLM is a counter Revolutionary force of the powers that be.
  13. J

    Burnham's 39 principles

    In 1964, Burnham wrote a book, "Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism", a book where he makes the case that Liberalism is going to cause the death, via suicide, of the West. To start with, he laid out 39 principles by which someone might be identified as a...
  14. J

    The Problem with McCarthy was he failed

    A relatively simple statement, but with a potentially interesting answers and explanations for why its correct. The Problem with McCarthy, of 1950s fame, was that he failed to oppress the Communists, and was more or less completely inefectual in his quest to root the communists out, rather than...
  15. J

    History The Origins of the Robin Hood

    This is sort of a stange question, but is there an original robinhood story everyone can point to? My intro to it was probably the Disney movie.
  16. J

    Bret Weinstein's Dream Team

    On a Joe Rogan Podcast, Bret Weinstein put forward his dream team of who should run for president, that being 1) William McRaven 2) Andrew Yang The point where he made this suggestion is helpfully exerted in this youtube video, bellow. What are people's thoughts on this? My initial...
  17. J

    Crew needs of a spacecraft Arleigh Burke

    Basically, if you had a spacecraft similarly equipped as an Arleigh Burke destroyer, would you need about the same number of crew in a spacecraft similarly armed and equipped, or would it be less? Or more? I generally think surface warships give a rough idea of how much a spacecraft would need...
  18. J

    The Distributist To be “right-wing”... (in 9 points)

    New Distributist video trying to find a unifying definition for right wing more descriptive than "apposed to the left". 1. "The strong axiom of human teleology" :: https://youtu.be/N_kuFyN3Cwk?t=1046 2. "The axiom of virtue" :: https://youtu.be/N_kuFyN3Cwk?t=1313 3. "The collective axiom of...
  19. J

    What If? Asteroid impact in 5 years

    Tomorrow, a fast moving object out past Jupiter is noticed, that seems to have a fairly high chance of impact (10%, with large error bars) in 5 years. The object is massive, about 50 km wide and moving very quickly, suggesting an origin outside the solar system. The object is predicted to be...
  20. J

    Pure Rent should be Minimized? Debate

    By pure* rent, I mean "profit based purely on ownership, rather than productive work". Examples of such: 1) One is granted land, which one collects rent from, but does no management work for. 2) Collecting royalties from a work created by your now deceased father. 3) Benefiting from a trust...
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