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  1. almostinsane

    Military Should Women Be Able To Serve In the Military?

    Would it be best to exclude women from the military due to psychological differences between men and women, laxer standards required to admit them, and the instinctive need for men to impress and protect women? Or are women capable of serving in combat roles with the same competence as men while...
  2. almostinsane

    United States Amy Coney Barrett Nominated & Confirmed to Supreme Court

    I don't think the Supreme Court will revisit Roe vs Wade while the political situation is volatile. The Supreme Court has shown enough political acumen over the years to avoid making decisions that would place itself in the path of a vindictive Senate and President. Yet, when things calm down...
  3. almostinsane

    Election 2020 Your Electoral Predictions

    As the election gets closer, I am curious about this forum's opinion on what will be the most likely outcome. From what I see, I think Trump will win the electoral vote, but I'm divided on whether he will win the Popular Vote. What is your 2020 prediction?
  4. almostinsane

    Child Trafficking in the Developing World and the West

    I came upon an organization called Our Rescue (or Operation Undergound Railroad) and I cannot help but be struck by how, in their news posts on instagram, many of the customers and the traffickers are Westerners. However, When Leftists moan about oppression and intersectionality, they never talk...
  5. almostinsane

    Gods, Heroes, and Empires

    (co-GMs are welcome to inquire via PM or in-thread) Co-GMs: Introduction In the world of Ashariel's infancy, the first beings to emerge are the gods. Powerful beings ruling over the essence of the land itself, over the land itself, over elements such as water, earth, fire, and the air...
  6. almostinsane

    Break Up of the United Kingdom

    I found an interesting video about the break up of the UK post-Brexit: If Scotland and Northern Ireland vote to leave, I cannot think of any rational stopping them given Brexit. How much of a possibility is this? What will happen to England and Wales should that happen?
  7. almostinsane

    Examining Colonialism

    National Association of Scholars - The Case for Colonialism by Bruce Gilley For those not in the know, the above article caused quite a shit storm for challenging the main dogma mandated by the intelligentsia for the past sixty or so years: namely that colonialism was a net bad. Of particular...
  8. almostinsane

    A Lion in the Dance (OC/Slight Gamer Crossover)

    Prologue: Character Creation "So... I'm dead," I stated. Somehow, that thought did not terrify me as much as it should have. For the afterlife, this place did not seem all too bad. Sure, it was not particularly bright, but it wasn't pitch dark or filled with fire and tortured screams like the...
  9. almostinsane

    Culture One Night Stands vs Dating Anime Characters

    One night stands have arguably done a lot to devalue relationship, marriage, and moral standards in general. They demean women and men alike, creating issues with love and sexual intimacy/performance. This creates a lot of confusion and promiscuity in both sexes outlined here: Still, as seen...
  10. almostinsane

    Resolved Site Won't Work

    Whenever @Fleiur tries to goto Sietch, she gets awhite error page saying ERR Connection Aborted. Does anyone know what problem that is?
  11. almostinsane

    Ye Are Gods (IC)

    Hall of the Gods It was rare for the gods to gather together in one place. Even excluding Azahiel, some gods were not the type to understand social interactions and still others wanted one or the other dead or maimed or were afraid that one or more wanted them dead or maimed. Still, for those...
  12. almostinsane

    Ye Are Gods (Sign-up and OOC)

    (co-GMs are welcome to inquire via PM or in-thread) Co-GMs: FriedCFour, LordSunhawk Introduction In the world of Ashariel's infancy, the first beings to emerge are the gods. Powerful beings ruling over the essence of the land itself, over the land itself, over elements such as water...
  13. almostinsane

    Transgender Rights

    The views on transgenderism vary. The crux of the divide centers on the protection of vulnerable people from what I've seen. The side that promotes transgenderism sees it as a natural gender identity and wants greater acceptance of it in order to lessen harm and promote equality, citing hate...
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