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  1. Zachowon

    What If? Far Cry 5 force Ad: Team Rainbow

    Team rainbow is sent to arrest the leader of the cult there. The Marshall and Sheriff are joined by a couple of members of Team rainbow, while the rest are spread out each an even number defending the major settlements. The members that go onto the helicopter with the other LEOs are: Ash- Team...
  2. Zachowon

    Music Daft Punk breaks up

    After 28 years, Daft Punk finally hangs up the hat. A lot of articles about it, and it is sad to see happen. Two French men who made Dance music...well good, and made an anime where 99% of it is just music.
  3. Zachowon

    What If? Run Hide Fight force add: R6 FBI

    The Daily Wire movie Run Hide fight gets gets some extra help from the Feds. These feds are: Eliza "Ash" Cohen: She has the G36C, 5.7 USG, and Breach charge. And of course her beaching grenade launcher. Jordan "Thermite" Trace: he has the 556xi, 5.7 USG, Stun Grenades, and of course his termite...
  4. Zachowon

    United States 100 - car pile up near Fort Worth, TX

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/fort-worth-texas-vehicle-freeway-crash-fatalities-injuries Huge crash happend in TX. 6 dead 68 injured, Most news sites made articles but did not air much of it iirc
  5. Zachowon

    Breaking News Trump Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Stream by Steven Crowder, as he watches the impeachment scam. Lawyers have so far arued it is not constitutional, and that this is going to divide the country moreso should it go through
  6. Zachowon

    What If? Dead Space force sub: DoomSlayer

    DoomSlayer as of Doom Eternal DLC replaces Issac in every game. He gets all of his weapons, and any abilities that he has also come with him. How do things go? 1. Dead Space 1 2. Dead Space 2 3. Dead Space 3
  7. Zachowon

    United States US Military looking to Replace the Abrams

    The first way I found out about this, and goes on about how there are four designed, but only three of them we have info on
  8. Zachowon

    What If? Force Add: Die Hard 1 and 2

    What if in Die Hard 1 and 2 the operators from Rainbow Six Siege were brought in to take care of the criminals in the first movie, and the ones in the second movie as well. 1. Die Hard 1 2. Die Hard 2 They get brought in as a special team to deal with such a situation, and for two they get...
  9. Zachowon

    United States NGSW imfo comes out

    More info on the US Army's newest rifle bid. Sig and GD seem the most confident in getting it. GD saying the Army is nit likeRussia and will be willing to change design and Sig is the opposite saying keep the AR style
  10. Zachowon

    Versus Match Cassandra Cain (Batgirl) Vs Laura Kinney (X-23/Wolverine)

    So, the newest DeathBattle had Gwen vs Barbara so I decided to have something more fair. 616 Laura vs Current Cassandra Blood lusted. Down town new york Bonus: Pre crisis cain
  11. Zachowon

    Vanderbilt football mess

    First college football female kicker! and she only kicks it about 30 yards and then runs off the field
  12. Zachowon

    Suggestions VS section of the forum

    Seeing as how I was banned from SB. I have some suggestions for the versus forum on here. It could use some reworking. I was thinking we can use the SB style and how the do it, as well as having a whole dedicated area that can be used to discuss calculations and the like. To allow for those that...
  13. Zachowon

    Cosplay General Thread

    Here we can talk about Cosplay we want to do, tips and tricks on how to make it, as well as ones you have come across that you like (SFW, we have an NSFW one for the more...naughty cosplay out there.) I will be working on a Imperial Guard form 40k Cadian cosplay when I get back to the states...
  14. Zachowon

    Versus Match Terrans (Star craft) Vs Imperial guard (40k)

    The Guard in this scenario are Cadians All of the forces start on an abandoned war torn Earth and are compelled to see the others as enemies that must be defeated. Calcs for this are either mid tier or most consistent, whichever makes the thread more of a fight. No access to WMDs The Terrans...
  15. Zachowon

    Versus Match Matt Best and his friends wind up in the purge.

    Purge one: They defend thier house from the purgers and take in the guy. Purge 2: They go out to help defend people in need. Purhe 3: They protect the woman from attacks. Do they succeed? They have all the weapons they own, and anything they have in their "If veterans were in horror movies"...
  16. Zachowon

    United States Crowder shows leftists they were lied to heavily by the media.

    Crowder busts the Myth of Trump not disowning or disavowing the Neo-nazis and the KKK. Convinces one guy, while the others lie to themselves to be justified. What do yall think?
  17. Zachowon

    United States Troy Aikman and Joe Buck MOCK Military "Fly-Overs"

    Daily Mail article https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8862265/Troy-Aikman-Joe-Buck-caught-hot-mic-mocking-NFL-military-flyover.html And everyone favorite Angry cop Basically they say "Tax dollars at work everyone" for the Fly-Over, and "This would not happen with a Kamala-Biden ticket"...
  18. Zachowon

    Religion Religion's of TS and why one follows the one they do.

    From Atheists to the most religious of the Christians. We all have religions, and we all believe what we do for various reasons. Perhaps someone grew up in a very strict household and following one's own works better than feeling forced to follow one. Perhaps finding one helped make your life...
  19. Zachowon

    Movies Marvel Cinimatic Universe

    this threa is for all MCU stuff. Like how we now have some cast to be Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan
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