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  1. Nitramy

    Appropriating fanfic

    I've gotten some creative writing work, and I'm going to use some of the fanfic passages I've used here (namely scenes) for it. Is this okay, or should I delete the fanfic passages before using them?
  2. Nitramy

    Resolved Creative endeavor thread?

    So with all the "but muh orks r' racist n' shieeeet" bleating by the coastal shithead elite social justice activists, I was thinking of brainstorming a card game or RPG that specifically lampoons SJW's, whether they come from the religious right (liberation theology is a thing, mind you), or the...
  3. Nitramy

    A Brave New World (Harry Potter/OC)

    Bits and pieces from my "Time Traveling Dark Lord" collection. I plan to expand this into a full-blown story, but it will be slow going. Also a lot of these snippets are not chronologically sorted. Synopsis: Ideas may be bulletproof, but wizards can alter reality. *** It was neither the look...
  4. Nitramy

    Serious question about anti-Semitism.

    Serious question here: At what point do we draw the line between legitimate criticism and outright hate when it comes to Jewish people and ideology? Because thanks to WW2, the pendulum has swung so far in one direction that you can't criticize policy and ideology before people drop in with the...
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