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  1. The Name of Love

    The Mistakes In My Writing

    I've been a bit self-reflective lately about the kind of writing that I do, and I think I should go over the work I've done. While I can be sardonic in an argument (as someone like @LordsFire would know by now), I do want to talk here about the mistakes in my works. The number one mistake I...
  2. The Name of Love

    What Should The Right Wing Be?

    On two separate threads, I laid out some criticisms of mainstream conservatism. To summarize, I believe that the modern Right has three problems: 1. It cannot adequately deal with the problem of social disintegration. 2. It cannot fully grasp the reality of the Left's utter dominance and why...
  3. The Name of Love

    United States Professor David Azerrad Verbally Owns American Conservatism

    Read it here. It's like the words were taken from my mind and written eloquently.
  4. The Name of Love

    Curtis Yarvin's Critique of Centrism

    This essay was inspired by Curtis Yarvin's latest essay: "Persuasion and the Mensheviks." Read it if you like. It's a pretty good article that provides his critique of Centrism, which pretty much sums up my entire problem with them as a group. In this essay, I will be summarizing Yarvin's...
  5. The Name of Love

    Philosophy Dispelling Falsehoods about Thomism

    This is a response to @Scottty, a particularly odd person. Scottty has commented on my philosophical beliefs, making sweeping statements about me that are, quite frankly, risible. Let's go over them, shall we? First, there are his statements from the very beginning, on my old anti-porn thread...
  6. The Name of Love

    Philosophy Why Individualism is False

    In this essay, I will argue that the philosophy of individualism, which prioritizes the moral importance of the individual before all else, is false. Individualism is the basis for much of modern political thought, and is upheld by liberalism, both in its libertarian and egalitarian forms...
  7. The Name of Love

    Philosophy The Worst Philosophical Argument in the World!

    I recently came across an article by James Franklin called Stove’s Discovery of the Worst Argument in the World. I think it bears a look at it because of 1) how bad it is, 2) how often it's used, both throughout the history of philosophy and in modern classrooms, and 3) how ridiculous the...
  8. The Name of Love

    In Another World: Isekai Story Creative Discussion and Idea Thread

    I started one on Sufficient Velocity, so might as well start one here. For those of you who don't know, isekai (lit. "another world") is a genre of speculative fiction that has a completely normal guy (usually a shut-in otaku/gamer) that gets transported to a world that looks like every JRPG...
  9. The Name of Love

    Culture John Lennon's "Imagine" versus Thrice's Lullaby

    The spat of critiques of John Lennon's "Imagine" surfacing in light of the ultra-cringy video released by a bunch of celebrities is something that I'd like to contribute to with my own take. I'd like to take the song "Imagine" and compare it to another song "Lullaby." "Lullaby" was written by...
  10. The Name of Love

    United States Why Do Libertarians Always Lose?

    I've spoken in great lengths on this website about the theoretical problems with Libertarianism, how I think it wouldn't make for a cohesive society, that its understanding of human nature and the State is wrong, etc. But this thread is NOT about that. This thread is about the failure of...
  11. The Name of Love

    Philosophy What is a Right? What is Freedom?

    Here's a discussion here for those of us who disagree on the definitions of those things and how they can be justified. In modern pluralistic societies, people have so many definitions of these things, it's difficult to count. So I want to put this out there. Let all ye willing to discuss this come.
  12. The Name of Love

    Technology Time to Shut Down Pornhub Seriously, all of the people responsible better repent to the Lord God or they will be roasted alive in Hell. This just confirms all of my suspicions about pornography websites. Just check out this article's description of...
  13. The Name of Love

    The Distributist Dist-o-graphy: A Celebration of the Distributist

    This is a thread dedicated to my friend, the Distributist. He's a YouTuber who covers politics, culture, and religion from a right-wing, Catholic perspective. He is the founder of the Canis Society, "a peer-based organization designed to build community among Christians and Christian-allied...
  14. The Name of Love

    Economics Criticizing Capitalism by Edward Feser

    The first thing that needs to be done in addressing these issues is to disambiguate the term "capitalism" so that we know exactly what we are talking about. It's one of those hot button terms that is used too loosely and polemically by both critics and defenders, and I don't think it is helpful...
  15. The Name of Love

    Technology Progressive Civil War: George Soros Demands Mark Zuckerberg's Job!

    Apparently, George Soros just wrote a piece in the New York Times calling for Mark Zuckerberg to be removed from his job! Unreal! It really makes you wonder if the Left is warring with Silicon Valley at this point. This story, combined with earlier mumbling from the ADL (seen here and here)...
  16. The Name of Love

    "A Product of an Overwhelmingly White, Straight European and Male Cadre"

    You've seen this story again and again. This follows the trend of Humanities Courses being cancelled at another college for similar reasons. At this rate, I think the far right is...
  17. The Name of Love

    Pedophile Identifies As Eight-Year-Old Girl

    It must be seen to be believed. This is, I believe, the end result of the Identificationist extreme that I talked about in a previous post. Identificationism, the idea that a person is what he "identifies" as, is a result of the failure of liberal philosophers to reconcile reality with their...
  18. The Name of Love

    Bongo Interviews Scientist and Irexit Supporter

    Let's back up. So there's a political party in Ireland called the Irish Freedom Party, which is, in essence, the Irish version of UKIP. Their policy goals include leaving the EU, freedom of speech, immigration control, and some moderate fiscal conservatism (e.g. less government spending and...
  19. The Name of Love

    Bongos: The Hallmark Channel is Fascist

    Sorry for linking Carl Benjamin, but I think his video really sums up everything. In particular, I really like his comparison of the Progressives to an ideological mafia. "How devoted are you to diversity and inclusion? It'd be a real shame if it turned out you didn't care about those things as...
  20. The Name of Love

    The Political Problem of Pornography

    Recently, I caused a bit of a kerfuffle in another server over my views on pornography and my social conservatism. In this thread post, I set aside the social conservatism for another time and focus specifically on my views on pornography. I believe that pornography is one of the biggest social...
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