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    peter Zeihan 2020

    My limited experience with French soldiers impressed me, the French military is a joke as far as endurance. Some great anti-terror capability. However, last military action of any size was invasion of Libya. That lasted ~48 hours before France had to ask for US help.
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    Controlling a populations opinions with Information Operations.

    Reading article on Russia disinformation against their own people. Reminds me of Fauci talking about “Make it rough enough and the people will forget their morals and ethics”. Leadership: Russia Cannot Conceal Corruption
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    peter Zeihan 2020

    And how many are plain puff dreams on a spread sheet to cover for graft and corruption? According to the Russian books thousands of tanks had been mothballed ready to be fueled and Ammo’d ready for railhead. All the money spent for ”maintenance” went into pockets because many of the tanks had...
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    peter Zeihan 2020

    How to say we are in a recession without saying we are in a recession.
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    Ghost in the City Cyberpunk Gamer SI

    ….. “and Tommy that is how I met the ghost”. She just ghosted the four of us in our own system.
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    United States 2nd Amendment Legal Cases and Law Discussion

    No accountability for making such laws. If you make a bill that becomes law and is latter found unconstitutional it should result in jail time for the entire time the bill was in effect for the hacks that sponsored the bill. Good governance is why people are elected, violating civil...
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    Blood on the Horizon (Reimagined)

    The best thing about Centurian is at 30 tons she is a small fast bomber. From Trace Coburn on the BT aerospace page.”…..Centurion is a decent light bomber (six tons of externals at 8/12!) ”. On the storyline, you could ask the bulls to help upgrade the avionics and bring it into the 31st century.
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    Russia-Ukraine War Politics Thread Mk. 2

    Was going to ask if anyone had information on Russian sponsorship of sabotage in European countries. Paramilitary: Russia Attacks Europe
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    Trump Investigations Thread

    Fix the problem of illegals, charge companies that use their labor to take them back to their country.”, on top of fines for using the labor. No illegals can receive any city, county, state, or federal money. None!
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    Russia is feeling it as far as logistics into Crimea, truck transportation, and fuel for ground transport.
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    SF solider shoots a Chechen man on his property outside Fort Bragg.

    Link to news article So what I was able to dig up sometime after 8:15 pm, Mr dead guy moved 250 meters through the woods and was taking pics of an SOCOM field grade officer home. He was a an utility worker, not in uniform, with no tools on hand, or company Vic. The dead guy had a...
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    EU 🇫🇷 French Republic Discussion Megathread

    Not sure if you have seen the latest Peter Zeihan post about French moves in Armenia. First I have seen it mentioned, anyone have better input on the situation?
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    The source is, how accurate the story is? No way to confirm, but I have been reading it daily for over a decade and they have been more accurate than mainstream media, with more background of why things happen. China wants territory from Russia
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    So Ukraine hit a refinery/ distro facility on the Baltic a few weeks ago, now two on the Black Sea. That has to hurt, China has told Russia we can keep giving you aid……but you have to return most of Siberia to China, including your large Pacific port at Vladivostok.
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    Russian Invasion of Ukraine 2022

    Russians that moved to Crimea after 2014, are leaving because “it has become a war zone”. Possible signs Russian forces are going to have to pull back from Crimea do to fuel lol supply issues. Ukraines attacks of Russian oil infrastructure paying off? Attrition: Russian Crimea...
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    China steals with help from Academic Institutions

    “These programs involved establishing hundreds of Confucius Institutes associated with Western universities, including a hundred in the United States. Plus the aggressive recruiting of Chinese and non-Chinese academics willing to help China perpetrate the largest IP theft in history.” Makes...
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    Politicians and Government Cringe Thread

    The legal logic of using pre-revolutionary English law to support voiding the Bill of Rights, would full under the chapters Baffling Bullshit. America fought a war of independence to free ourselves from the feudalists. Individuals have sovereignty over themselves or the Constitution is dead...
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    Politicians and Government Cringe Thread

    So Hawaii has judges that argue that “Historically Hawaii was a feudal state, and peons would not be allowed to take up arms against their betters”? Refrased as: “The the Constitution means nothing you dirty peons”! Bold move Cotton
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    Ghost in the City Cyberpunk Gamer SI

    Sears, take the time you need, recharge and we will be looking forward to more of your creative story telling.