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Recent content by almostinsane

  1. almostinsane

    United States Biden administration policies and actions - megathread

    Da! Establishe the glorious Islamic Palestinian Soviet from river to sea! So many gulags!!! It will be a worker's paradise. Ignore the bodies.
  2. almostinsane

    What are you playing currently?

    I've been playing Baldur's Gate 3. It's relatively good for early access. They could work on the classes a bit more. Wizards feel very nerfed while thieves and druids feel oped, but that could be due to the low levels. The story is rather interesting and, thankfully, no politics and social...
  3. almostinsane

    The Right and White Nationalism - An annoying cancer

    I would ask how exactly conservatives get white nationalists to disassociate themselves with the conservative movement, because that's the main issue. Conservatives don't do anything to advocate for white nationalist policies. They specifically disavow them. Yet for daring to espouse views right...
  4. almostinsane

    Asia-Pacific Military Coup in Myanmar

    Let's see... Military coups the democratically elected government. China supports the new/old, unpopular military junta. The populace seethes under the time. Will China have its own Vietnam War or Afghan War on its border? Hard telling. But it looks like China may be forced to provide more and...
  5. almostinsane

    China Chinese Courts Deem Homosexuality a Mental Illness

    Why are we suddenly talking about human rights in China? They were doing terrible things to Christians, Falung Gong, Uighurs, and Tibetans long before this law.
  6. almostinsane

    China Chinese Courts Deem Homosexuality a Mental Illness

    There might be an uptick in homosexuality due to the lack of mating opportunities. The gender gap is going to suuuuuck.
  7. almostinsane

    Culture Judge Rules Against Transgender Lawsuit versus Miss USA Pageant

    Eh. When you get down to it, it's pretty much the same thing. But, my original point still stands. It's mostly about hotness, but there are some people with talent who participated in those competitions.
  8. almostinsane

    Culture Judge Rules Against Transgender Lawsuit versus Miss USA Pageant

    True enough. It is pretty much about who is the hottest. Though, if I remember correctly, Kelly Hu did win Miss Hawaii as a teenager.
  9. almostinsane

    LGBT and the US Conservative Movement

    Regarding homosexuals and conservatives, I know that there are homosexuals who may be red-pilled considering the craziness of the Left and the fact that conservatives generally don't want to roll back gay marriage. However, based in the actions of the loudest voices among them, I maintain a...
  10. almostinsane

    Breaking News Lincoln Project Cofounder a sexually harassing gay pedophile

    And twitterati leftists prove their worthlessness by liking that tweet in droves. As always, their virtue signaling rings hollow, but this time, it's because they liked tweets from pedos/pedo-enablers. #MeToo 🙄🙄
  11. almostinsane

    Giving Up (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

    Very well-done. Personally, I always thought Zuko and Katara complemented each other better...
  12. almostinsane

    History What are some of your most contraversial takes on history?

    The Crusades were a moral good, and I only wish there was more of an effort to conquer Egypt. Vatican II was a valid council, but its vague wording and implementation has done untold damage to the Catholic Church and the world. The US should never have provided any aid to the Soviet Union. The...
  13. almostinsane

    Kay, chicom. xD

    Kay, chicom. xD
  14. almostinsane

    Go back to China. Booo.

    Go back to China. Booo.
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